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School is officially in session. As you start to look at your future, consider a plan for savings. Here are five ways to start saving as a college student!

The Plastic Problem

We’re keeping plastic out of the ocean, and only the right plastic in your pocket. It is easy to get approved for a credit card as a college student.  Paying it off, however, is a different story.  Avoid taking on unnecessary debt.  Your Dundee debit card can be added to your wallet app to pay for everything from gas to groceries right from your checking account with no additional fees!

Fuel Up on the Cheap (or Free at Dundee!)

We can’t get through our days without caffeinating, either. However, have you paid attention to how much you are spending on coffeehouse lattes? Invest in a coffee maker – or better yet, stop by our Dundee location to fuel up with coffee on us.  We have snacks, too!

Get Your Steps

Take a walk – literally.  If you live on or close to campus, consider foregoing a car and walking instead.  Some college campuses offer shuttle transportation also.  You’ll save money on a car payment, gas, and insurance.  You’ll be taking steps toward better health for yourself, and for Mother Nature! If walking isn’t an option, check out local bus routes.

Student Perks – Know em, Use em

Do an inventory of what amenities are available on campus. You might find a gym, movie nights, social events, possibly for free. This is a great way to meet people on campus, get a quick study-detox, and save some money! Many Omaha area events and restaurants offer discounts with a student ID that can save you between five and 25 percent.

Keep it Local

It’s easy to think that since you’re just starting out, your money doesn’t matter. It does. Every dollar you spend is a vote, either for local businesses and farmers, or for box chains and factory farms. You count, and what you’re doing today is impacting your credit, your environment, and your future. We are grateful for students who use their time, talents, and dollars to keep small businesses running. We are proud to be your local bank!

Check out our no-minimum checking accounts, free ATMs, online banking, and our mobile app to save you time and money! Check us out and open your account online at https://www.dundeebanking.com/personal/personal-checking/ or come into either of our convenient locations to ask questions, open an account, or set some goals for your future!