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You’ve spent years teaching your children the value of a hard day’s work, of a dollar, and of independence. If your teenager is thinking about taking their first summer job this year, you’re about to watch all of those lessons come together in hard and rewarding ways for your child! As your teen takes their first steps toward financial freedom, they may be feeling a little lost about where to start. Dundee Bank has put together a few ideas for your family about teen-friendly jobs, what it takes to land them, and what to expect.

Education, Location, and Transportation

While your child is likely still in High School, there is a chance that they will need certain certifications to land their dream summer job. From first aid and CPR certifications (Find Training and Schedule Here) to a driver’s license, they may need to be prepared before they apply.

Additionally, it’s important to set the standard that your child will show up for their shifts. This means knowing how they will get to and from work, and having a contingency plan in place in case their ride falls through. This can mean biking, arranging a ride with a sibling or friend, or learning about Omaha’s updated Public Transportation System (check out routes and schedule)

Think Long-Term

A Summer Job is more than a 3-month experience. The lessons learned will last a lifetime, and so can the connections. It’s important that your child takes into account whether they will be gaining valuable experience, and whether they’re setting themselves up for a miserable summer of hating their job by choosing something they find no joy in. While working hard is commendable, that work doesn’t have to be miserable. If the smell of coffee puts them off, do not encourage them to take a job as a barista just because it’s available. If attention to detail is not their deal, don’t push them to take a job at a local nursing home. There are jobs available to cater to everyone’s strengths, without nagging at their weakness.

Opportunities Rock

Now it’s time to consider the options! If we’ve missed some, drop us a note! We want to help families find every opportunity possible for their child to have a successful summer, and a fun foray into the working world.

  • Lifeguard – Save lives and enjoy the summer sun while keeping vacation fun! Before you apply, find out if the life saving course is offered through your job, or if you’ll need to take CPR and First Aid on your own.
  • Theater Cashier – Summer Blockbusters are part of every family’s fond memories. Working at the theater comes with discounted snacks and tickets, a competitive hourly wage, and air conditioning.
  • Tutor – If you found certain subjects just clicked, and your child wants to share their passion with other students, advertise as a summer tutor! Help students prepare for college exams, brush up on topics they’re having a hard time grasping, or tackle summer school subjects they struggle with. 
  • Dog Walker/House Sitter – Not a people person? Need a quiet place to study? Vacationing families are always looking for trustworthy teens to look after their homes and four-legged friends while they’re away, or just at work for the day. 
  • Delivery Driver – Is that new license burning a hole in your teen’s pocket? While most pizza places have offered delivery for years, many metro area restaurants are getting in on the action! UberEATS, Skip the Dishes, Fast Guys Delivery, and Door Dash are always looking for dependable drivers to deliver dinner to customer’s doors. 
  • Barista – Does your teen speak caffeine? Do they know that a tall non-fat latte, triple shot, soy milk, extra hot with foam whip is coffee? Then the excellent pay plus tips at their local coffee shop might be calling their name! 
  • Reception – Put organization and customer service skills to work! Greeting customers, answering phones, and helping offices run smoothly will teach your child responsibility and management skills that will serve them in any future positions.
  • Lawn Care – Mowing, edging, weeding, planting, and hauling require a strong body and a strong work ethic, while manicuring the lawn and aiding in landscaping require an artistic touch. Put that eye for design to work! 
  • Coach – When your child first showed an aptitude for athletics, you hired a coach to train them to become the star they are today. If your teen is passionate about sports, let them share that with the next generation.
  • Nanny/Babysitter/Nursing Care Attendant – From short-term babysitting jobs to long-term care, compassion is always in fashion. Sites like Care.Com help connect caregivers to those who need them most. Search for a family and find a job you’ll love, and a connection you’ll never want to let go of.  

No matter what your child will become someday, they are already someone pretty incredible today! The skills they already have can be sharpened, appreciated, and monetized, teaching them that hard work literally pays. If you and your teen need to talk about their impending financial freedom, stop in to any of our convenient locations today.

Wishing you and your families an excellent start to summer!